Do you sometimes wonder whether anything even matters?

If your attitude has become, “Whatever” (said with attitude) and if you question why you are doing what you are doing in life - either generally or on a daily basis - your engagement in life is ebbing.  Your stress level is increasing.  You have lost (or are losing) those protected spaces (pockets) of spiritual energy that human beings need.

How do you know if you have no spiritual energy pockets?

It’s different for all of us but here are some commonalities among human beings:

  •  We feel empty.
  •  We feel disconnected.
  •  We have no sense of purpose.
  •  We wonder why we do what we do.
  • We are highly cynical about nearly everything.
  •  We….you add your own here.

What do you need to do to create some spiritual energy pockets? You will have to answer for yourself, but if I may I make some suggestions…

  1.  Go outside - preferably not in the middle of a city but out somewhere. There is something about being outside that helps connect you to the bigger place.
  1.  Go talk to someone who seems connected spiritually somehow. You don’t even have to know the questions you want to ask. Just go.
  1. Start a “warm fuzzy file.” My dad, who was an Episcopal priest, read the first letter I ever got from a student’s parent when I was student teaching. He told me to start a warm fuzzy file. He said he had had one for years and when people sent him notes or letters about how something he had done had made a difference for them (and my dad made a difference in countless people’s lives) he kept it in the file. Then on ‘cold and prickly days’ he called them, he would get out some of the letters to remind himself that he was helping people. He gave me a lot of good advice over the years, but this one really stands out. I have needed that file many times and was glad to have it. And, someone special even took my warm fuzzy file once and created a magnificent scrapbook for me. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received and it is a treasure. When you need a reminder about whether you are making a difference, you’ll be glad to have physical reminders to help put some pockets back in.
  1.  Get a massage. Seriously, a great massage therapist somehow releases not just your muscles…but lots of the other energy you have. I said a great one…not just any old massage therapist…
  1.  Get connected (even in a small way) to something that really does matter, e.g., Haiti relief, feeding children in the U.S. who are malnourished, tutoring an adult who never learned to read, knitting scarves for people who are homeless. Norman Vincent Peale: “The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.

You do matter and your contribution to the world matters. But if you have lost the pockets - the safe and protected spaces - in your soul that give you room to consider this, then use the ideas in this article to begin to put them back in so that you can make the difference you want to. Human beings’ stress level is decreased when they have the spiritual energy pockets necessary.

And if you are well aware that you - or those around you - are stressed-out to one degree or another then you may benefit from a dose of positivity:  We have a great group with lots of help in the Staying Positive Personal Workshops.

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