I asked a question recently about time because I wanted to hear what others had to share about their favorite quotes or ideologies. Here’s what Candis Smith shared with all of us:

My favorite quote about time is one that I was taught as a teenager through the Center for Leadership Development, Indianapolis, IN by the organization’s founder, Mr. Henry Bundles.  He would be so proud that his ideas continue to be shared! He’s about 80 now.  It goes like this:

“In time, on time, every time; except when a little bit ahead of time, and that’s better time.” ~ Mr. Henry Bundles

Here’s my dad’s favorite:  “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.” ~ Candis’ Dad

(I think we can extrapolate that to many different meanings:)

What are your thoughts on Mr. Bundles’ quote or Candis’ dad’s quote?

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