Hooray!  The ‘Just Whelmed’ blog is ready! I Want to Be 'Just Whelmed'

This is a special blog for people who want to be “Just Whelmed” instead of either OVERwhelmed or UNDERwhelmed.  Whenever you are here, you will find a growing set of questions, answers, tips, ideas, and resources to help you live a life of being “just whelmed.”

Many of the ideas that you’ll find here have been shared by the wonderful members of the Just Whelmed Research and Development (R & D) team.  This team was invited by - and has been assisting - Meggin McIntosh, the creator of this site and its sister site, http://www.JustWhelmed.com/.  Meggin sought out the R & D team as she began crafting the Just Whelmed “Wee” Weekly Workshops, which you may learn more about by going to the main Just Whelmed website.


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