From Just Whelmed R & D team member, Mara Allaire, who shared the following:

  • First, begin and end the day with quiet time (prayer or meditation) and seek to have a
    clear mind and peaceful heart to start each day and end the day so that the
    following day could be positive and good.

  • Always seek for solutions, not excuses or problems–of course, identify the problem,
    but try not to get stucked on just the problem and what the negative
    consequences may be; instead find and come up with alternative, positive ways
    of looking at a particular situation.

  • Keep a positive attitude at all times; no matter what.

  • Find beauty in every situation or as much as possible.

  • Do your best to keep focused on the project at hand and dedicate a specific block
    of time to it on a consistent basis.

  • Gather as much information as possible; make a chart of the findings; and formulate
    your plan of attack.

This sounds like a gentle way of approaching your plan to become ‘just whelmed.’  I like it.  Please share your thoughts (and click on “comments” if the box isn’t showing).

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