The following question was submitted by someone who attended the Just Whelmed Calendar class and is answered below her question.


  • Should I think of Flow and Focus as being two different mindsets (rather than two different genres of tasks)?
  • Is it possible for the same task to be placed in Flow Time one week and in Focus Time the next?
  • When I schedule Focus time, do I always specify the tasks in advance?
  • When Flow Time is scheduled, do specify the tasks in advance?
  • Or do I just specify the general topic I will be Flowing in?


I like the way you’ve described them as two different mindsets and I think that is indeed a good way to think about it – at least as one layer of the distinctions between the two. And yes, you can have the same task in Flow one week and Focus another week. Happens to me all the time.

You may be interested in the explanation I have about Focus & Flow in a blog post from a couple of days ago.

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