Here is a response one of the Just Whelmed members sent me after listening to the Wee Weekly Workshop lesson on establishing systems.  She writes:

“Just listening to this (Wee Weekly Workshop lesson on establishing systems) and I had to laugh at the one about “where did I put my keys?” In my office I hang them on the light switch so that when I leave I turn out the light and when I’m in my office the light is on (the light switch is just strong enough to hold the keys up.) Gives a little “go green” to my life in my office.  I recently purchased a lamp to use instead of the overhead lights, now I’m still trying to figure out where to put my keys because when the overhead light is off, my keys won’t hang there.”

You may have systems for your keys - or you may need a routine for your keys.  Let’s share ideas here!!  Just put yours in the comment box.

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