energy flowDoes your energy fluctuate from day to day?  Are there days where you feel fabulous and can tackle most anything that comes your way?  And, are there days where you can barely drag through them – and dread the next meeting, the next task, the next encounter?  Sounds like you need to be thinking VERY carefully about what is affecting your positive and negative energy.

Take a look at four of the categories that have an effect on your energy.  In this article, we’ll consider these four areas so that you can start paying attention to them – and then considering the positive (and not so positive energy) surrounding each one that may have an impact on you:

  • People
  • Events
  • Tasks
  • Thoughts

People:  Let’s just tell the truth. There are some people that give you energy and there are some people who take it away from you.  If you had to make a list right now, you know who would be in each of the two categories, don’t you?  If you are going to be optimally productivity, you want to focus on spending more time with the people you love to be around – both personally and professionally.  And as for those in the negative energy category, you have to deliberately minimize your time with them.  It may take some ‘doing,’ but it’s worth the effort (and the boundary-setting that may be involved).

Events:  For some of you who are reading this article, family events are positive. You just love them. You look forward to them.  But, for others of you, there are certain family events that you think, “Oh my gosh, it’s a good thing this happens only once a year,” because it detracts from your energy.  Begin to assess whether you can determine those events that are routinely negative energy and those that are routinely positive.  Minimize or eliminate the former and maximize the latter.

Tasks:  You’ve probably (I hope) got some tasks that give you a boost when you do them.  Then, there are the ones that just drain you when you take them on.  And then, there are the tasks that are neither positive nor negative, they just are. For example, brushing my teeth. I don’t classify that task as a positive or a negative. I don’t really get energy from it and it doesn’t take energy away. This task is neutral for me.  Begin to think about all the different tasks that you do and whether they would be classified as positive, negative, or neutral energy (for you).

Thoughts:  We have control over our thoughts. Sometimes if we’ve had a lot of really negative thoughts we may need to get some professional help. But in general what we want to try to do it have more positive thoughts than negative thoughts. This is one of the reasons I have minimized the time that I spend watching the news. I need more positive thoughts in my head and not so many negative ones. So minimizing negative news is a way I’m trying to take some control over that.

For the next few days, start to observe the times when your energy goes up…and when it goes down.  Look for patterns and see what you notice.  Human beings love to find patterns and if you…

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