EnergyAre you high energy or low energy (on a regular basis)?  Does it fluctuate depending on the circumstances or on other factors?  If you can monitor your energy and what affects it, then you are more able to maintain the optimum energy level that is required for the task or the time of day.  Keeping an energy chart of the following factors can help you make wise decisions.

What adds to your energy?

  • Is it relaxing with a cup of coffee? Even though you sometimes like to drink coffee on the go, maybe other times you like to just sit.
  • Or do you like to fix a cup of tea in the afternoon and take 10 minutes and go to your mental happy place, and you do it while sipping a lovely cup of tea.
  • Maybe it’s working in the garden. I don’t get any charge out of gardening, but a lot of people talk about that as something that gives them energy.
  • Is it planning (as it is for me)?  Creating and preparing for workshops gives me energy. I love that, so I look for more opportunities to get to do so (and maybe this is why I keep offering eight million teleseminars. I get to keep creating new things!).
What are the activities you do that give you energy? Make your own list.

When are you energized?

Maybe it’s at certain times of day - and you need to be aware of that fact.  For example, if I am going to do a half-day workshop and the hosts ask me, “Would you rather do it in the morning or the afternoon?” although they are the client and I would ultimately let them choose, I figure that since they are asking, I answer, ‘in the morning.’  Personally, I love the morning.  Even thought I am still fine in the afternoon, if I have my pick, I’d rather have the morning. Others of you may be more energized in the evening.  And again, this depends on what you are being asked to do.  Workshops, meetings, classes, project collaborations… whatever it is, there are better times of the day for you than others (and better times of the week, too!)

Are there particular places that give you energy?

My patio happens to be one of them. My office happens to be one of them. I have a great office, and I’ve set it up in such a way that it is a positive energy place for me, which is a darn good thing because I spend a fair amount of time in here.

So, where are those places for YOU? They may be far away, so it might not even be something you get to do every day, every week, or every month, but you save up to where you can go to the beach or you can go to Italy or any place that gives you energy. Or, do you have to transport yourself to a place mentally and that will give you the same energy?  If so, know what it is and practice so that you can get to that ‘place’ easily and quickly.

Are there particular events that give you energy?

Next, think about those situations or events that energize you - and about the ones that de-energize you.  You will want to minimize the latter as much as possible and maximize the former.

Are there particular behaviors that give you energy? 

You can also watch for particular behaviors that energize you (and the ones that…uh, really don’t!) Sometimes we do things that give us physical energy, like drinking plenty of water and eating really good (for you) food. Likewise, we know that if we eat a Krispy Kreme donut, that is going to do us in. I have certainly learned the hard way that the donut my be scrumptious and tempting, but frankly, if I eat it, might as well keel over because it’s not worth it. It causes way too much pain in my stomach. So, we all have to think about what gives us energy physically and what takes away from it.

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