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Coaching Discovery/Strategy Call Information

Meggin McIntosh, PhD

What is a Discovery/Strategy Call?

The purpose of a Discovery/Strategy Call (DSC) is two-fold:

  1. You have something going on in your life that you need to explore to see how someone with a strategic brain – plus a coach’s training and expertise – would be able to assist.
  2. The two of us mutually discover whether we are a “fit” to work together following the DSC.  My coaching style provides clients with a structure for thoughtful strategizing, supported by compassionate candor, and which is particular to their situations and aspirations. Note: There are many different kinds of coaches and coaching styles.  You want to find someone who is a match for you – and you’re a match for the coach.


Preparing for a Discovery/Strategy Call

Once you have clicked through to register for your DSC you will receive a DSC Prep Form to complete and send to me.  Writing out your responses helps you clarify your thinking and where you’d like to focus during our call.  You’ll send it to me to ponder at least two days before your scheduled call, which you will set up using my online scheduling software system.

Because you will have completed and sent me your DSC Prep Form, we will be able to use our time with strategic intention when we talk.


How will we know if we should continue further work together after the DSC?

  1. You can say yes to these statements:
    • The call was helpful to me.
    • I am willing to dedicate time & attention to my aspirations.
    • I am ready to make a financial investment in myself.
    • I am committed to the process of growth.
  2. Do I (Meggin) have the expertise in the area(s) where you want to grow, learn, expand, or explore?
  3. Are our styles compatible?  My clients describe my coaching style as lovingly direct.
  4. Are you coachable?  You are coachable if the following are true about you:
    • Willing to do the work.  Although you will experience breakthroughs during coaching calls, the majority of the growth happens between calls.  I have experienced this with my coaches for the last 21 years – and I currently have two coaches – and I see it play out with the clients I have on a weekly basis.  It’s fascinating and not surprising.
    • Willing to listen and be open to new possibilities and ways of thinking.
    • Take responsibility for yourself, your choices, and your decisions.

Who benefits from coaching?

    • People who are amazing (and may feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed).
    • People who value excellence (and may struggle with perfectionism although this is hardly a requirement!)
    • People with incredible potential that may be bottled up, channeled into the wrong projects, or not yet acknowledged (by self or by others).
    • People who are intrigued by the thought of joyful work – defined in their own personal way.
    • People who are in transitions, which seems to be nearly all of us, nearly all of the time!

“I know I was quite hesitant about finding a coach originally, largely because it mattered A LOT to me that I found someone I “fit” with–and that it was the best use of my hard-earned funds I set aside especially for this purpose. Well, I found both with Meggin. She is amazingly perceptive, positive, proactive, and personable. And it was priceless (yes, another ‘p’ word) having time to work with her every few weeks because I felt ‘heard,’ something that I don’t really get in my day job and which my family does help with, but they can’t do this indefinitely or that objectively. Working with Meggin gave me the space and time to think clearly about a number of ongoing personal and professional issues: I haven’t necessarily solved them all (yet), but I have the tools to start chipping away and so much more confidence to do so. Thank you for that gift, Meggin!”
~D.T., Academic, Author, Artist

To get scheduled:

Please note: If you click on the link and it doesn’t work, please contact Meggin to find out when her schedule might open up.

“I really cannot express how much working with you has helped me reclaim parts of myself that I hadn’t realized had gone missing.”
~Current Coaching Client

“Because of the work I started with Meggin, and that I continue to do, I have taken the driver’s seat and responsibility for what I do in my work. I have learned new skills and I have started new ventures. I am stronger, I am more clear on who I am and what I have to offer. And I have the stones to offer it. I found my mission. I found clarity. And I learned to step into who I really am. Rock star coaching.”
~Previous Coaching Client

“Thanks to you, I feel I have my life back! I am so grateful for your support and generosity and hope to emulate it with others (but not at the expense of my own sanity)!”
~Previous Coaching Client