When members of the R & D team were asked, “What boosts your energy and just “lights you up” - personally or professionally, i.e., when you are just a fuller YOU after these times, interactions, experiences, etc?” here’s what Sally Jo Shelton said:

“What boosts my energy personally is reading spiritual, theological books that give me insights into God and into his love for humanity. It also boosts my energy to go for a walk and listen to the birds or watch the squirrels or to see the sun rise or set. When it’s a partly cloudy day, I love to wait and watch the sun peek out from behind the clouds. I consider the sky as a giant canvas on which God inscribes his signature. And when it’s completely overcast, I like to imagine being in a plane and seeing the sun shining brilliantly, high above the clouds.

Professionally, what boosts my energy is making meaningful connections with people. It makes me feel good if I’ve been able to help make a difference in someone’s life, by giving them a suggestion that helps them solve a problem, or somehow empowering them to do what they need to do, encouraging them, enabling them.

I also love those connections whether at  work or elsewhere, when the outcome may not be so practical, but when both of us are drawn closer to God and are inspired to do the next right thing that God has called us to do. These connections are usually simply conversations when both dialogue partners are open to share what is close to our hearts. I’ve sometimes been able to have these kind of conversations in airplanes, perhaps because the odds are we won’t be seeing each other again, and we have nothing to lose. It seems God often speaks to us best through other people.”

Thanks, Sally Jo, for sharing.

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