The key to having a successful semester is getting organized.  And to get organized you have to control the clutter.

Clutter is postponed decisions ~Barbara Hemphill

This is true for physical clutter.  This is true for money clutter.  This is true for emotional clutter – I’m sure you can think of emotional clutter that was simply postponed decisions.  And it’s true of mental clutter.

When you are setting up your days, weeks, months, and semesters, sometimes “Yes” is the best answer.

Sometimes “No” is the best answer.

“Not Now” is also a fine answer.  This is a good one to use when you are interested but you know from checking your schedule that it is nigh unto impossible to take this one.   One of my policies is to say, “I need to check on some things and get back to you.”  Then I can say, yes, no, or not now.

When you say “Maybe,” then it leaves an “open loop.”  You have mental and potentially emotional clutter, depending on who is asking you.  And you aren’t helping the other person.  And as Al McGuire said, “Despite what your friends might think, “no” is a good answer.”  It may not be what the other person wants, but leaving them with a “maybe” leaves them wondering and with mental clutter.

So, yes, no, not now.  Those are your choices.

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