Woman on edgeHave you ever heard of people who became thankful for their health - only after losing it?  Do you ever have days where you seem to have an abundance of energy - and other days…not so much?  Do you remember a time when you used to generate more ideas than you could keep up with, but now it seems that your ideas are few and far between?  What about your work?  Does it seem piled up and somewhat overwhelming at times?

It is possible, if you are like most professionals today, that you are operating with few or no ‘pockets.’  Pockets are those protected spaces, places, and reserves that keep us from going ‘over the edge.’  Here are four areas where you want to be sure to put some pockets:

  1. Health: When your health pockets are gone, then all the other pockets (and parts of your life) run the risk of disappearing altogether. If you are way behind on your sleep (and have been for weeks, months, or longer), if you have a nagging cough, ache, headache, rash, or who-knows-what-else that has been hanging on for awhile, or if you know you are ignoring your weight, cholesterol, or high blood pressure, then you are deliberately tossing away any pockets you could hope to have.

  2. Energy: Your energy pockets are related to many of the other parts of your life and at the same time, you can tend to your energy pockets in some different ways. Check and see if you feel you have an abundance of positive energy. Are you excited about your life, your projects, your relationships, getting up every day to see what might be in store for you? Or, do you feel dread and despair as you think about these aspects of your life? Ouch. Your energy pockets are non-existent if the latter is true.
  3. Ideas: What’s your idea pocket’s capacity? Are you replete with ideas or experiencing a dearth in that direction? Notice whether this is a change for you. If you used to have TONS of ideas but now have very few, think about what might have caused the change.

  4. Work: Regardless of whether you are self-employed, entrepreneurial, or employed by another person, consider whether you have any pockets in place for your professional life. You know you don’t have any pockets if you feel you might snap at any point. If you sometimes think that if someone gives you one more task to do…well, you fear what might happen. Or, possibly you are a manager and every one of the people working for you is less-than-qualified. You have no pockets of ‘excellence’ in your work setting.  As you consider this category, you are likely to be able to think of other areas where your work pockets have disappeared or become VERY tiny.

Pockets are “the difference between calm and crazed.”

And for strategies to help put pockets of time into your professional life, check out Putting Pockets in Your Professional Life: 52 Tips to Implement Immediately







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