Recently, I asked the Just Whelmed R & D team, **What is the hardest part about asking others for help?

Oh, my, did I get a lot of answers.  Here are just five of them (and you may see a pattern):

  1. I know others have time constraints too – I don’t want to burden them.  - Mitzi Lewis
  2. It is hard to ask others for help because they are busy too. It is easier if a team is working because we can have a discussion about work distribution, and prevent overlap and duplication. - Barbara White
  3. I think the hardest part is admitting that you need help, aren’t self-sufficient, and can’t handle it yourself. I think women always just have to handle things with their kids, family, jobs…so they feel they should be able to; and as time passes, it may become harder to ask for help, because you may feel you should know the answer already–from life and experience.- Karen Uehling
  4. Feeling as though you are imposing on their time … Especially when you need mentorship/sponsorship. - Emina H Huang
  5. The other person will think you think their time is not as valuable since you asked them for help which assumes they are not as busy as you.- Kathryn Mann
What answer would you give about the hardest part of asking others for help?  Please post in the comment box:  

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