ClutterRegardless of whether you are de-cluttering for minutes, hours, or days, once you are finished, you want to get the detritus, debris, old clothes, extra paperwork, or whatever else you have sorted…OUT of whatever the space is where you’re working. There are a variety of reasons for why this is wise - and really required - if the decluttering you’ve been doing is going to make a difference.

  1. If the clutter is still present in the area, it’s uh, still cluttering up your space. That may seem unnecessary to say, but I know from experience that this is exactly what many people do.
  2. If the clutter is still present, then you and others still see it and no one can tell you have made any progress.
  3. If the clutter is still present, it inhibits your ability to deal with the next area in your space where you want to work.

So, let’s think this through a bit with some examples:

  1. If you have determined that 7 entire files from a file drawer must be shredded due to their sensitive nature, then when your de-cluttering time is finished for today (or for the hour) either run them through your own shredder immediately or give them to a person whose task it will be to shred them. Either way, do it right now.
  2. If you have decided that 18 books from your shelves would be ones that students may want, take them out to the ‘give away’ area in the hall or put them into the crate that you will take to class tomorrow night.
  3. If you have decided that you really won’t ever be a size 10 again and so you might as well give away all the size 8 and 10 clothes in your closet, grab them and put them into your car so you can drop them off at the local women’s shelter this afternoon.

Don’t just leave what you have already made decisions about just lying around - or it remains as clutter and the stress has not been reduced.

I don’t care if you have set aside a time slot of only 5 minutes to decrease the clutter in one file or if you have set aside 8 hours to do serious de-cluttering in a former ‘junk room’ - whenever your decluttering time has come to an end, dispense with anything and everything about which you have made decisions. Then, your next session can begin…unfettered and uncluttered with previous debris.

declutterAnd if you’d like more ideas to help you find balance in your space you will want to access the Get a Plan! Guide® to De-clutter & De-stress: A Dozen Ways to Decrease Your Clutter and Decrease Your Stress. This Get a Plan! Guide® will help you learn a dozen specific ways to start dealing deliberately with your clutter – and then experiencing a reduction in your stress.









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