Cluttered roomDo you make it to your hair appointment?  Do you show up for your appointments with your doctors?  Do you expect your students or clients to arrive for their appointments?  Yes, yes, and yes (at least that’s my prediction of how you answered).

So, what if you scheduled time - like it was an appointment - to get your work or personal space de-cluttered so you could experience the peaceful productivity that would result?  Do you think that might work?  Yes, again!

When it’s time to do some serious de-cluttering, which provides the resultant de-stressing, you will want (and need) to set aside time. You may set aside time several different ways.

All at Once

If you choose this option, you would schedule,for example, an entire day that was dedicated to clearing out the chaos.  You might work only in your garage, your attic, your basement, your office, on your clothes, or whatever space or category needed your attention.  You would block this on your calendar, and preferably hire a professional organizer to help you, and then you would take care of business, i.e., the business of decluttering!

A Designated Time Each Week

Another option is to set aside a certain time every week, for example, 2 hours every Friday morning, first thing. It is NOT a good idea to set aside time late in the day unless that is when you are most energized. Making the decisions necessary to de-clutter require a fair amount of energy and focus. For most people, late on Fridays or in the evenings is not a great time for focus.  Whatever seems like your best day and best time of day, schedule that in your appointment book just as you would any other scheduled meeting or commitment - and then use it to deal with the clutter.

A Special Portion of Each Day

A third option is to set aside a portion of time every day. For example, you could take 30 minutes of what is designated as your ‘lunch hour’ to focus on one drawer, one shelf, 2 files, or whatever you can get to within those 30 minutes.  Or, maybe it works best for you to use 4:30 - 5:00 each day to deal with one area of  your workspace and take care of the clutter.  You know your days and your times - use that knowledge and then use your calendar to make the appointment with yourself.

It’s amazing how much more you can accomplish when you focus for a specified period of time.  Try it over the next week and see what happens.  It’s significantly better than waiting until you ‘have time’ to start clearing out the mess, clutter, detritus, or however you refer to what is clogging up your thinking, your work, and your life.

declutterAnd if you’d like more ideas to help you find balance in your space you will want to access the Get a Plan! Guide® to De-clutter & De-stress: A Dozen Ways to Decrease Your Clutter and Decrease Your Stress. This Get a Plan! Guide® will help you learn a dozen specific ways to start dealing deliberately with your clutter – and then experiencing a reduction in your stress.

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