decidingProcrastination, anyone? Do you have a mental list of all the different tasks, responsibilities, commitments, errands, and whatever else that you’ve been procrastinating?

Well, here’s my first suggestion: Get that list out of your head and on to paper (or into your computer). Just sit down right now (or you’re probably already sitting since you’re reading this on screen). Make a list of every single thing you can think of that you are procrastinating. Some of them are quite small - and some of them are pretty major.

Once you have your list, there are (only) 7 decisions you can make about your procrastinated tasks, projects, commitments (and the like):

  1. Deliberately delete forever. I mean, really. Aren’t there some items on your list that you are NEVER going to do? Go ahead and just delete them. Cross them off the list. See? Your list is already shorter!
  1. Deliberately postpone, indefinitely. You’re not procrastinating it. You are mindfully deciding that now is not the time - and never may actually be the time. However, no final decision is made at this point.
  1. Deliberately delegate. Surely you don’t think you need to do everything yourself, do you? There are so many other options. Hire someone or ask someone who works for you already.
  1. Deliberately ask for help. I am sure in your life you have helped people (if you haven’t, then “Yikes!” I say). Anyway, look at items on your list and figure out which ones you can ask someone else to help you with. Do that now…found some, didn’t you?
  1. Deliberately schedule a time to accomplish. This means you look at your list, get out your calendar, and put time in (like it’s an appointment) to start getting some of these items DONE! Regardless of whether you need to schedule 10 minutes or 10 hours, make an appointment with yourself to complete some of your procrastinated items. This works.
  1. Deliberately determine the very next action. Some items are procrastinated because we see them as this GIANT task. In reality, the item is a series of small actions. Figure out what the very next action is on some of your procrastinated items. Write it down and see if you realize that these are now do-able, one ‘next action’ at a time.
  1. Deliberately do, right now. Goodness. Aren’t you looking at some of the items on your procrastinated list and realizing that you could have done them in the time it took you to make note of them (I have those, so know this happens). Go ahead and do at least 3 of those items right now.

Start making one of these seven decisions right now. Pare down that list!


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