To live an empowered life, you need to let in, that is, open the door to particular people, activities, and practices. You also have to close the door to other people, activities, and practices. If you haven’t thought this through carefully recently, this might be a good time. Here are some prompts to get your thinking going…To continue, do you need (and want) to close the door to:

  1. Paying with credit cards.
  1. Living beyond your means (hmm…might I suggest this one as one for everyone’s list).
  1. Drinking cheap wine (unless it’s also good, cheap wine! HA!)
  1. Watching the news (or watching TV at all).
  1. Flying coach (or flying at all).
  1. A certain kind of high-maintenance client.
  1. Building a house.
  1. Being in a relationship.
  1. Staying out of shape.
  1. Having a cluttered house or workspace.

So that is just a quick list of 20+. You have your own list of 20 or 15 or 55. Just number a piece of paper and begin to think about what you might have deliberately closed off in the past and you still want to have those doors closed now.

Also, think about what you NOW want to close off. Make a list. Consider those people, places, experiences, lifestyle issues, money considerations, tasks, projects, or anything else that you have kept out in the past and/or you want to start keeping you. Making the list and acknowledging what is on that list is the first empowering step.

The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live. ~Flora Whittemore

We explored the idea of “decision doors” as part of our work together in the Staying Positive Society and those recordings and materials are available for you at Staying Positive in a Freaked-Out World.

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