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 Meggin McIntosh, PhD
The PhD of Productivity®

Just answer these questions:

  • Do you have classes, workshops, or other offerings that don’t have enough – or don’t have the right – participants?
  • Do you have a center, service, or program that would benefit others, but they don’t seem to know about it or access it?
  • Are you doing important work and want to get the word out about what you do?

If the answer is “Yes,” to at least one of these questions, then you need to know more about marketing.

“Thank you so much for your webinar last week. I really enjoyed your energy because you were sincere in wanting to share information and did so in an authentic selfless manner. You provided valuable information, made it easy for us to ask questions, and you were right on the ball in responding. Too often, I attend webinars/seminars only to be teased throughout with information that is made available for sale at the end. In contrast, this webinar was taught by a caring leader who genuinely wanted to give us valuable information to help us be successful in the marketing campaigns we develop. Thank you again, Meggin, for this opportunity to meet and learn from you. I am deeply grateful for your time and wisdom.” ~Maria Berry, Performing Arts Center, Las Vegas, NV

This 2-part webinar is intended for those who have a limited budget for marketing and who would love to have a broader reach and a more faithful following.

Does this sound familiar, by any chance?!

The briskly-paced class offers no-cost and low-cost strategies that will serve to bring you more of the people you want in your programs (that is, if you implement the ideas!) If you have an MBA, then you may have a sense of how to create and implement an effective marketing plan. If you don’t have an MBA (&/or if you have never actually marketed a service or product), then this workshop will give you the tools to get started.

All registrants receive:

  • Call-in/log-in information so you may participate in the class ‘live’.
  • An extensive packet of handouts to download and review before and after the class.
  • An opportunity to send in your questions ahead of time so that they could be addressed as part of the teleseminar.
  • Download of the class to access so you can reinforce your learning, as well as for additional review and support.
  • And more, of course!

“Excellent, engaging, energizing. Always exactly what I need at that moment - got some serious mojo.” ~Beverly Delidow, WV

Strategic Marketing = “Clarifying your goal and then deliberately and mindfully planning to get there.”

“Meggin’s teaching style is quick-witted and engaging. She gets straight to the point and provides gems of knowledge with each turn in her presentation. Her materials are loaded with practical, applicable information. Her handouts are easy to follow, allow for a tremendous amount of note-taking and have great quotes that support important concepts and inspire participants.” ~Jeannie Bailey

“Meggin is awesome. She is knowledgeable, friendly, straight-forward, honest, and her sense of humor was evident throughout. Her style is designed to make you think.” ~Joanne Storms

Why market?

“Marketing is when you apprise others of your value.” ~Alan Weiss

If your program, department, project, cause, publication, or service has value, then you need to be marketing…today, this week, next month, and always.

“Yes, I would recommend this class because it gives good tools and tips on how to successfully market to the right people and how to go about getting your message out there.” ~Past Participant

“I liked the way attendees were brought into the discussion and the way Meggin flexibly addressed their specific questions and related responses to overall goals of the workshop. Most webinars have chat windows but these seem to be largely for show. Meggin engaged attendees in the discussion and enriched the webinar in unexpected ways as a result.” ~Past Participant

About the Presenter

Meggin McIntosh, PhD, also known as “The PhD of Productivity®,” was the founding Director of the Excellence in Teaching Program (ETP) at the University of Nevada, Reno. The ETP was created because when Meggin started offering the IDEAS for Professors course while still a regular faculty member, there were waiting lists semester after semester. When the ETP became a full-time operation, Meggin had to learn how to market various courses, programs, and services. Since then, she has continued to learn from many experts when she started her own company - and needs to market every day… Meggin says,

“Marketing! I had no idea that I would need to know how to market but it turns out, it has been important throughout my career. Starting back when I was a teacher and offering workshops for free - just because I loved teaching - I had to market or no one would know about them. As a professor, I marketed my classes because I was at a land-grant institution and I wanted to serve the most students that I could. They couldn’t very well sign up for my courses if they didn’t even know about them. As founding director of the Excellence in Teaching Program at my university, we needed to get the word out about our program and what we offered. So, of course, we had to market. As a business owner, without marketing, the business would have stayed “in business” about six months instead of nearly 20 years.

In this practical and focused webinar, you will learn strategies and ideas that will serve to help you develop marketing campaigns that work to achieve your goals.

The only reason to take this class is if you believe that the work you do is important.

“I worked in Corporate Training for over 15 years and liked this session. The materials were perfect (enough information to understand, but not enough that I didn’t have to take notes). The examples in the presentation provided understanding. I liked that the training provided some theory but primarily focused on tools and actions. The pace was very good!” ~Barbara Walden

“Meggin is funny, easy to listen to, and knows her stuff. Her materials are also fun, a breath of fresh air.”~Kelly Beischel, OH