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You – and those around you – have so many personal and professional responsibilities that it is hard to account for all of them. Please answer these questions:
  1. Are you managing your multiple responsibilities responsibly and calmly, i.e., would you describe your work style as peacefully productive?
  2. Does it seem that your responsibilities (or others’ responsibilities) are being managed unwisely or with a great deal of stress?
“This class has done wonders for my sanity. Meggin is straightforward, easy-to-understand, fun, and her materials are colorful and helpful. Her courses are content-packed, but focused.” ~Melanie Peck, Reno, NV

Access this special recorded class, taught by

Meggin McIntosh, PhD
The PhD of Productivity®

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“Meggin is convivial, lively, pauses at the right moment to let new/strange concepts sink in, builds up and emphasizes the key points.” ~Lynn Itagki, OH

You are your colleagues are encouraged to access this 90-minute webinar where you’ll:

  • learn to use a planning system,
  • have a metaphor you’ll always remember when planning,
  • determine why it matters whether you use one!
  • feel thankful that you can manage multiple projects and expectations,
  • prepare to plan your days and your projects,
  • …and more!

When you register you will receive:

  • A download of the class recording so you can watch and listen as many times as you need to and want to while reinforcing the strategies you learn;
  • Concise handouts to guide notetaking and review while you are learning.
“I always recommend Meggin’s classes. Her time management and organization strategies really help those who are overwhelmed.” ~Previous Class Participant

The sign-up process takes you through a secure shopping cart system to register. Your registration will be acknowledged immediately by email, so check your inbox.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” ~Alan Lakein

Your responsibilities are indeed, YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES and you need to know as much as you can about getting them determined, delineated, and dealt with.

“I would absolutely recommend Meggin and her classes. This class helps put responsibilities in proper perspective and even helps class members decide what should be eliminated if necessary. The interactive worksheets are wonderful tools to help get the process started.” ~Rhonda Little, Chicago, IL

About the Webinar Host

Meggin McIntosh, PhD, known as “The PhD of Productivity®” is a former teacher, university professor, and Director of her university’s Excellence in Teaching Program. She is currently (and happily) the president of Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. and says,

“I am a planner (and planning) fiend! Ever since I started learning how to use a planner (and notice that I said, ‘learning HOW TO USE’) I have been seeking more and more peaceful productivity by learning to use my planner more effectively. A planner is about much more than making sure your appointments are scheduled properly. It’s about responsibly managing multiple responsibilities.

Join us for this webinar and see what a difference it will make for you. You’ll be thankful you invested your time and attention – two of your most precious resources. This investment will pay off in other precious resources – your integrity and your reputation.”

“Meggin is engaging and practical. Whenever I take her classes, I always plan to listen again for even more learning.” ~Richard Vineyard