Face It! Do You Like What Your Face is Saying?


  • Have you ever been told that you should never play poker because your face would give you away?  Or…
  • Are you looking for tips to share with friends and colleagues who struggle with having a face that gives everything away?

Thank you Meggin for another wonderful presentation. You are awesome!

~Patty Swager, Reno, NV

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Taught by Meggin McIntosh, PhD

The PhD of Productivity®

The content Meggin prepared was as promised - practical, straightforward and fun! I always learn from her amazing teaching. Meggin is an inspiration to me. And she provided valuable content as always.

~Past Participant

In this free recording, you’ll learn 6 ways to help your face refrain from showing those emotions that are better not displayed, e.g.,

  • disgust,
  • doubt,
  • indifference,
  • fear,
  • boredom,
  • anger

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • An MP3 download of the class so you can listen as many times as you need to and want to while reinforcing the strategies you learn;
  • An extensive packet of of handouts to download and use while you are listening and learning;
  • And more of course!
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We all need to “Face It!”

i.e., there are times it’s better to keep our emotions from showing on our face.

Love Meggin’s style…educated, conversational, focused, creative and interactive. I would absolutely recommend this class! I’ve found it to be helpful not just in a work situation, but also in any interaction with someone I don’t know.

~Vicki Schmitz, Brookefield, IL

Meggin’s down-to-earth approach and tips will help you to think about your face (including eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nostrils, etc.) and how it sometimes gives away what you’re thinking - and what to do about this state of affairs (when you want and need to do so)!

I love Meggin’s teaching style and materials! You have done your homework. You create note sheets that are engaging and help me to remember the content. And, your subject matter relates to the real world.

~Karen Chessell, Carson City, NV

About the Presenter

Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D., known as “The PhD of Productivity®” is a former teacher, university professor, and Director of her university’s Excellence in Teaching Program. She is currently (and happily) the president of Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. and says,

“Having been told MANY times that I have a very expressive face, I know that there are times it serves me well, but that there are times - particularly if I’m having not-so-positive thoughts - that my expressive face gets me in trouble.  So, in this workshop, I pass along some of what I’ve learned that has helped me.  It’s a continual learning process!” 

blue access now for free

I would most definitely recommend the “Face It!” class to a friend or colleague. The course is detailed enough to fascinate and thorough enough to stimulate. Very exceptional delivery!

~Past Participant

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