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I would highly recommend the “Ack! My Dissertation Feels Like a Bloated Elephant” class for any friends or colleagues embarking on the dissertation journey. This class provides practical advice and easy to implement tools for accomplishing a HUGE endeavor.

~Jeannie Bailey

This was an excellent webinar! The recommendations and tips were great!! Meggin truly spoke to my current state of frustration, lack of motivation regarding my dissertation. Her techniques were awesome and I will use them today. Thank you so much!

~Past Webinar Participant

I’d highly recommend the workshop for graduate students (but also for professors!). It’s also very helpful for anyone who is frustrated with a lack of progress on their projects or who has trouble getting started. It breaks the hurdle of where to start. I found it extremely energizing to apply the process to a conference that I am organizing that has been causing me a lot of stress.

~Past Webinar Participant

ABD is not a degree

ABD (All But Dissertation) is not a degree. Let’s not kid ourselves. If you are currently ABD or approaching that stage in your doctoral work, let’s get you moving along - strategically – in this mini-webinar.

You will receive 35-40 minutes of distilled content with specific and practical strategies to get your dissertation moving along toward completion! Plus, answers to excellent questions asked by class participants!

Remember: The only dissertation that will do you any good is the one that is DONE, successfully defended, and completed.  Be clear that these are three separate aspects of the process.

Learn how to proceed with confidence toward your goal of FINISHED by participating in this concise class.

All registrants receive:

  1. MP3 Download of the class so you can listen as many times as you need to and want to while reinforcing the strategies you learn.
  2. An extensive packet of handouts to download prior to listening to the class.
  3. And more, of course!

Meggin was great! You gave us common sense advice in a down-to-earth presentation with examples and practical steps to take. I love your sense of humor. I’m going to tackle that absurd to-do list today! I feel rejuvenated and inspired. Thank you!

~Past Participant

Excellent workshop. I wish I had received those tips years ago. Courses on writing using these strategies should be obligatory for graduate students in their first year.

~Past Participant

This is a huge process. It is helpful to have specific ways to approach it. I have been cooking A LOT lately because I need to work on Chapter 1, but I don’t even know what that looks like. Now I know I need to create the chunks and then the bites.

~Kim Cuevas (and now Dr. Cuevas!)

If you are exhausted from dragging around (or being squashed by) your bloated elephant of a dissertation, please take part in this class.  I remember being a broke doctoral student, so I’m happy to offer this to you as a gift.

“Recently when I was doing a workshop at a large Research I university, a doctoral student said to me, “Dr. McIntosh, your “Bloated Elephant” mini-webinar is the reason I know I’ll get my dissertation done in the short timeline I’ve set up for myself. You gave me the missing pieces of my planning.”

About the Presenter

Meggin McIntosh, is also known as “The PhD of Productivity®,” and is a former teacher, university professor, and director of her university’s Excellence in Teaching Program. She is currently (and happily) the president of Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. and says,

Project planning! I don’t know about you, but I certainly could have used a course in project planning when I was in graduate school especially when it came time to write my dissertation! I wish I had known the mindset and strategies then that I know now and will be teaching in this mini-webinar that is especially for students who are writing (or talking about writing) their dissertations.”