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Here’s my understanding of Flow Time and I’m wondering if I’m on the right track so let me know:

Flow Time

Flow time is working on stuff that either doesn’t have a deadline or the deadline is far away (e.g., this summer, or next year). Tasks are less well-defined and I am unlikely to finish the task during this Flow Session.

Examples of Flow Time tasks:

  • writing tentative outline for workshop in November
  • noodling about conference ideas
  • free-writing for grant proposal (would be due this summer, the RFP isn’t even published yet)
  • writing on chunks of grant proposal without pre-specifying the chunk
  • work on CV (no particular job opening in mind)
  • dividing a project into hunks/chunks/bites
  • write ideas for journal article
  • projects in their infancy.


All of the ideas you have listed above could be done on a Flow day (or could be done on a Focus day).  The idea behind Focus days is that you go with your energy and with where the muses take you (within reason).  Some Flow days I make fairly small progress on a boatload of different projects and tasks and some days, something that I thought I might spend a moment on grows into something that just goes rolling along and all of a sudden, I realize I’ve spent 3 hours of intense focus on this Flow day and got something finished that I didn’t even know I’d be starting.

Flow days tend to be less structured/scheduled for me, although I usually have a general intention of making progress in a particular area.  Sometimes my project management system is running amok (often, in fact) and I decide that my Flow day is going to entail some movement on a number of items that are in Wrike ( and is what I use for project management).  I don’t know for sure if things are going to take 10 minutes or 5 hours but I am just going with it.  Whatever gets done gets done and I believe that I will feel good about it because hey, it’s a Flow day.  [Note:  You’re probably seeing far more deeply into my psyche than anyone should, but there you go.]

meggin_just_whelmed_calendar_v3If this answer helped you, or you have more questions, feel free to check out the webinar Creating Grace, Space, & Pace with Your Own ‘Just Whelmed’ Calendar. This friendly and focused 90-minute webinar is for those who are ready to gain a sense of control over their schedules and to-do lists.

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