Block in your 2018 planner now – particularly with “recovery days.” When I was in probably my 7th or 8th year of being a professor, I finally realized that being out of town for three or four days at a conference and then imagining that I could come back the next day and hit the ground running was delusional. I’d be behind for weeks it felt, so I started putting in a recovery day — something I do to this day.

So, get your 2018 planner (the paper ones are out there if that’s what you use) or just click over on your Google calendar, iCal, Outlook or whatever you use, and of course, map in when your out-of-town events are and then block the very next day as “RECOVERY.” You use this day to plow through email, mail, other “stuff” that has come in, etc. and then re-enter the world on the following day.

And there are a number of specific tips in The Compendium of Productivity Tips for Professors related to this idea which is available for immediate access and download.


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