The following question was submitted by someone who attended the Hunks, Chunks, & Bites class, and is answered below her question.  


I have questions about writing projects specifically, but it could relate to any project I guess. Writing is just where I find it most difficult to implement.

  • What do bite sized (one hour or less) writing tasks look like?


Some examples of bite-sized writing tasks:

  • Proofreading a section.
  • Editing a section
  • Writing up a conclusion (drafting)
  • Mindmapping a piece.
  • Finding all the words that I haven’t been able to find the right word and so I’ve marked with an asterisk – and I go find the best word for that place instead of the placeholder I have there.
  • Find graphic images for a piece I’m working on (since I publish for the internet a lot).
  • Create a Table of Contents for a piece.
  • Find references and actually get them into the right format for the publication.
  • Write the letter to the editor who will be receiving the document.
  • Find some good quotes that go along with a topic that I can include.
  • Set a timer and just write for x number of minutes (this is one I use a lot). The bite is the time.
  • Determine a certain number of words to write (many people use this as a bite).
  • Prepare a table to show the data.
  • Prepare Figures in the format that they must be submitted in.
  • Short blog pieces – 300 – 500+ words.

You are very smart to figure out what the “bites” are for your writing projects.

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