Recently, I asked this question of about 200 academic women:

What percentage of the women you know could use some help with being *just whelmed* (vs. overwhelmed or underwhelmed?  Feel free to offer some explanation along with your answer.  Note:  In this series of posts, I’ll offer some of their responses (and all will be offered anonymously, as requested).  Other posts on this blog will have the person’s name associated with her comments, but not this series.

Among College of Extension female colleagues, almost all verbalize feelings of “overwhelm.”  However, there are those who seem to thrive in that state, despite the grousing. Probably half would be interested in help managing the feeling, but only a few would carve out the time to take action.

What are your thoughts?  Have you seen this pattern?  Click on the comments link above and you’ll see the box where you can respond.

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