Getting organized is the key to having a successful semester.  Here is a simple idea to help you organize your office:

Acquire some bookends. When I work in people’s offices to help them get organized – one of the VERY fun things I get to do now – I always have them buy good bookends.  So far, I have yet to be in someone’s office who was not in need of some decent bookends.  Faculty offices tend to have many books – and they are often going every which way – piles, sideways, on top of each other, leaning over…you know the look.

Now you don’t just ACQUIRE the bookends, you take them out of the wrapper and you find a bookshelf where books are leaned over or propped up or stuck up on top of each other, or any other disorganized configuration, and you stand your books up and you put in a bookend. If you have books that go from end to end of a bookshelf, you can leave them but it’s amazing how having a sturdy bookend that holds up your books and then leaves a little bit of space makes the office so much more aesthetically pleasing. You could put a picture, a cool rock, a memento, or even just some open space….

You will be so surprised at the difference. Be sure to buy plenty of them.

And if you liked this tip I have created a step by step guide to help you have a successful career:  The Compendium of Productivity Tips for Professors.  This guide has more that 650 practical tips to help you achieve a compelling career in academia.  I wish I’d had this book when I was a faculty member.  It would have helped me so much.

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