Getting organized is a key to success.  And here is a tip to help you get and stay organized.

Look over at your file cabinets.  What do you see?

Are your files over-stuffed?  Unorganized? A mess?

I want you to acknowledge that 80-90% of your files will never be accessed again. I’m not making up this statistic. Since there are researchers who study this sort of thing – and they could probably come to your department and find that this is borne out right there – I think you know you can trust this unless you have REALLY stayed on top of culling your files quarterly.

So just in case you haven’t, by acknowledging that well over ¾ of your files are never going to be used again…guess what you can do?


  • Imagine never buying a file cabinet again.
  • Imagine that your overstuffed file drawers could be winnowed down by AT LEAST 50% and most likely more.
  •  Imagine that some of the “stuff” you put in those boxes (tip #1) that might belong in file folders could fit into the file cabinets you already have.

This opens up all kinds of possibilities for you. My favorite system for filing is Paper Tiger – and I’ve taught a whole webinar on this, so feel free to access the class if you like.

I have also developed a step-by-step strategies guide The Compendium of Productivity Tips for Professors that is available for immediate access and is filled with tips and ideas just like this.


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