If you’re an academic (with a GREAT deal of pressure to get your writing done), you may have wondered the following question:

How do I get my writing done when when I already have too many irons in the fire (e.g., 7 articles underway, some of which just needing revising)

  1. Set up specific time for writing each day.  Since professors rarely have the identical schedule each day, then it may vary from day to day, but the idea is, schedule in your writing every day, no matter what else.  Schedule it as sacrosanct time.  You schedule all of your teaching time at the beginning of the semester and never think about scheduling a meeting during that time.  Consider your writing time as important and ‘not-to-be disturbed’ time as your classroom time.
  2. Set weekly goals for your writing. For example, since you have several articles underway, you can set as a goal (for each of the first 7 weeks that you are starting your new writing ‘plan’) to finish one of the articles every week.  During each week’s time, you will still keep working on other articles, as well - getting even more conceptualized, edited, and so forth.  But, you will get one of your current ‘7’ finished each week.  This is highly motivating.  Since I know full well that the tenure clock ticks very quickly and especially for pre-tenure faculty,  time is of the essence.

The upside to having 7 articles in progress is that you have 7 articles in progress, i.e., articles that are already partly completed.  You are WAYYYY ahead of the game, really.  Each week, you really can finish one of these seven and then get it out there in the submission, acceptance, publication pipeline.

Academic acceptance is such a slow process and heavens knows, submitted articles don’t all get accepted the first time out (to say the least!!) …so you have to keep your articles in motion so that they are accepted and some published by the time you go up for promotion and tenure.

postponingIf you liked these writing tips you may be interested in the Get a Plan! Guide® to Postponing Writing Procrastination part of the Get a Plan! Guides® series designed so that you can accomplish your goals more smoothly, i.e., peacefully, productively, and predictably.

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