The Just Whelmed R & D team was asked, “What have you eliminated to make your life simpler (if you have)?  How has it made a difference for you, as far as being “just whelmed”?  What helped you realize that it was something you just didn’t need any longer?” Their responses were very helpful, including these from Lisa, a faculty member:

1.  I deleted people on Facebook that do not respond or whom I never see a post from.  I am also trying to cut down on my time spent on Facebook.

2.  I have totally learned to just  say “No” to good people who ask me to do good things but for which I have not the time nor energy and if I just simply donot want to do what I’m being asked.

3.  If I do not feel like going to something socially or in other categories for which it is an option of not doing so, I don’t. (work is not included in this!)

4.  I am a notorious note-keeper and list-maker.  I have paper in the car and purse at all times for when needed.

5.  I keep at arm’s length those who, for a variety of reasons, drain or tire me and I really do not enjoy talking to them or being around them that much. This includes my 87 year old mother - as cold as that may sound. She is a difficult person who makes things difficult.  I honor her and take care of what I can for her but decided years ago I will not let anything she says or does bother me.  This has been wonderfully freeing.  (It has always been a complex relationship.)

6.  I watch very little TV as most of  it either offends, bores, or doesn’t entertain or interest me.  This includes all sitcoms.  I love to read and would rather read a good book; so I do instead.

7.  I don’t call friends much anymore just to chat at length.

8.  I have never been one to have a bevy of girlfriends but those I do have are those I am very compatible, etc. with.

9.  I am trying to eliminate much wasted computer time.

10.  I hate clutter so I am always working to keep it at bay and eliminate it.  I clean and clean out and discard of things regularly.

11. I sleep in when I can (like a teenager and the one I was) and do not feel guilty about it.

12. Also..I make time to exercise and try to daily and watch my diet.

These are 12 great ones!  Are any of these ones that would work for you?  Add them to the comments, please.


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