6 Marketing Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

May 14

If entrepreneurs and small business owners do not market themselves, chances are, they won’t be in business for long. Here are some mistakes entrepreneurs may overlook or struggle with when marketing themselves: 1. Thinking that one ‘touch’ is going to do the trick. I have recently been in conversations with someone who does workshop and he has...

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Seven Suggestions for Productively and Profitably Using Teleseminars in Your Business

Mar 22

Being a huge fan of teleseminars, both as a learner and as a business owner, each month I participate and host these high tech (but low tech) ways of learning and teaching. If you have not been integrating one or more aspects of telelearning and telecommunications as part of your strategy as an entrepreneur, then I would like to encourage you to do so. Implementing...

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Can You Make Money from Publishing E-books?

Nov 21

Here’s a question that came in recently during the *E*mail *E*xtravaganza along with my honest response: Has your e-book publishing produced enough results to make it worth the effort? [MEMc] Well…what a question…ha! All of these things are so tied into one another that it’s hard to say what does and doesn’t make a profit. All of my teacher e-books are not...

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Shopping Cart Question (and a response)

Oct 01

Question: I am in the process of looking for a shopping cart and I heard mentioned that you use KickStartCart (one of the carts I was looking at). I was wondering if you like the cart, find it easy to use, etc. I am especially wondering about the affiliate program (for your products that you offer). Is the program easy to set up and is it easy to use as far as...

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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing – Great Resource After Great Resource After Great Resource

Jun 11

Oh, my word!  What a resource this is!!  All compiled by Andrea Vahl, co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies: http://www.copyblogger.com/ultimate-facebook/ I’ll be going back to this MANY times!...

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Saving Articles That You Have Published at an Article Directory

Nov 02

Although you have an electronic record of all of the articles you have written for an article director, you may also want to have a paper version, for any number of reasons. For example, You might like to have some paper copies of your articles to distribute at a presentation you are doing. You might want to have some paper copies of your articles to include in a...

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